Molly & Jack's Wedding Film at Great Lodge

This has got to be one of my most favourite wedding films. The whole day was magical from bridal preparation until the fireworks that completed their day perfectly. The dance moves were on fire too!

molly jack 1.jpg

When I arrived at Great Lodge, the llamas were in the fields and it was a breezy April morning.

I met Molly and her bridal party and started filming all their getting ready preparations including the dresses, prosecco, make up and hair.

The bridesmaids were eating porridge to warm themselves up as it was a chilly day.

Molly & Jack - Full edit molly.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit porridge.jpg

The morning went really smoothly and everything was running on time. I filmed all of the getting ready, bridesmaid gifts and dresses.

It was then time to meet Jack and his groomsmen for their button holes and portraits. Me and the photographer met them in the ceremony room where there was lots of banter and laughs between the group.

Molly & Jack - Full edit groom.jpg
Molly & Jack Facebook still 8.jpg
Molly & Jack Facebook still 10.jpg

Time was ticking on and Molly was ready to step into her dress and have flowers put into her hair. There were a lot of happy tears.

The bridesmaids were in their dresses and mum was all ready too. The butterflies were kicking in and it was nearly time.

Molly & Jack - Full edit flower hair.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit mum.jpg
Molly & Jack Facebook still 11.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit dress time.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit tears.jpg

Molly was in her dress and the tears were flowing, it was beautiful to see all the emotions so high from the people who love her.

It was time to walk down the isle and meet her husband to be for the first time in her beautiful dress.

Molly’s dad came to meet her and to take her to the ceremony room.

Molly & Jack - Full edit dad.jpg

I walked over to the ceremony room to meet Jack and all of the guests and prep for the ceremony. It was beautifully decorated with big flowers with colours of greens and soft pinks.

Molly & Jack - Full edit ceremony .jpg

Jack was waiting at the alter for his beautiful bride and all of the guests were excited for her big entrance with the bridesmaids.

I got all set up and was ready to film this beautiful service.

One of the guests softly played the guitar and thats when it all began.

Molly & Jack - Full edit ceremony song.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit best man.jpg

The ceremony was beautiful, full of smiles, laughter and tears. Sealed with a kiss, the newlyweds were so overjoyed and happy.

Molly & Jack - Full edit kiss.jpg
molly jack 6.jpg

After their beautiful vows, me and the photographer created a confetti tunnel and they pulled up on a golf buggy and we got the most epic windy shots.

Everyone then went into the marquee for drinks and canapés. It was a great opportunity for everyone to congratulate the newlyweds and start enjoying themselves even more.

Molly & Jack - Full edit confettii.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit guests.jpg
Molly & Jack Facebook still 5.jpg
Molly & Jack Facebook still 4.jpg

Nan was so glamorous on the day! She looked beautiful and was so proud of Molly and Jack. She had a smile on her face all day and night.

The guests were really enjoying the canapés and drinks.

It was now time to take Molly and Jack away for their couple session. Me and the photographer took them to a few places around the grounds and even saw the llamas.

Molly & Jack - Full edit couple ss.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit more llamas.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit main thumb.jpg
Molly & Jack Facebook still 2.jpg
Molly & Jack Facebook still 3.jpg

Molly and Jack were a pleasure to film, they just giggled together and you could see the love just surrounding them both. They are so beautiful together.

The best part about videography is you always capture the moments that can’t be caught in a single photograph and thats why I love filming, especially the couple sessions.

When you are old and grey you can watch back at your younger selves on video on the biggest day of your lives.

It was now time for the group shots and these were brilliant, everyone was cheeky and having fun with them.

Molly & Jack - Full edit crazy shot.jpg
Molly & Jack Facebook still 12.jpg
Molly and Jack groups 2.jpg
Molly and Jack groups 4.jpg

The group shots were really fun! It was now time for dinner, speeches and for me and the photographer to also sit down and get some food in our belly’s.

The room was beautiful with colours of pinks, greens, golds and fairy lights The rustic naked cake, flowers and candles filled the room.

Molly & Jack - Full edit sweets.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit dinner.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit noah allie.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit baby.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit guestss.jpg

After dinner time and speeches the guests started to get into party mode again and I love it when the guests love the camera too. They love being silly in front of the camera and they always play up too.

It’s always cute when the newborn babies are at the wedding too because they can look back at the wedding film and see their wonderful child when they were little in months or years to come.

Molly & Jack Facebook still 13.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit photo booth.jpg

The party started getting into full swing but everyone knows that the cake cutting and first dance is next! Let’s get these special moments captured for the newlyweds.

Molly & Jack - Full edit cake.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit dance.jpg

The cake was cut and the first dance was in full swing, all the family joined and that’s when the party really got started! I love the party section of the wedding!

Molly & Jack - Full edit brdegrro.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit face.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit finger.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit pose.jpg
molly jack 4.jpg

The party was amazing! There wasn't a moment no one wasn’t dancing and having the best time ever. Molly and Jack were inseparable and danced the night away together.

Even Nanna and the DJ got involved!

Molly & Jack - Full edit dj.jpg
Molly & Jack - Full edit nana.jpg

An amazing party just had to be topped off by a stunning firework display. All the guests came out to see the display while Molly and Jack snuggled up to watch.

What a beautiful way to end such an amazing wedding day.

molly jack 5.jpg
Molly & Jack Facebook still 18.jpg

I absolutely loved filming your wedding and I wish you all the happiness in life together.

Photography by: Tom Halliday

Videography by: (Me) Charly Mae Photography

Venue: Great Lodge

Watch Molly & Jack’s Highlight video here: